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CFMOTO 800CC Crankshaft

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In the last decade, the sales volume of the CFMOTO 800cc crankshaft maintain grows continually.

At the same time, we provide CFMOTO 500cc 550cc 600cc crankshaft. Our products are rich, full-size, reliable quality and reasonable price. Factory with consummate skill, good reputation, good service, won the praise and trust of our customers, business across the country.


The main rotating mechanism of the engine, after the connecting rod is installed, can take up and down (reciprocating) movement of the connecting rod into a cyclic (rotating) motion. It is an important part of the engine. Its material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron. It has two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod neck, and (among others). The main journal is mounted on the cylinder body, the connecting rod neck is connected with the connecting rod big hole, and the connecting rod small head hole is connected with the cylinder piston, which is a typical crank slider mechanism. The lubrication of the crankshaft mainly refers to the lubrication of the big head bush and the connecting rod neck of the connecting rod and the lubrication of the fixed points at both ends. The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the engine. It is also the source of the entire mechanical system.

CFmoto 800 Terranlander X-Lander Tracker X8 Z8 U8 crankshaft assy Mark A/B




Model: CFmoto 800 crankshaft assy

Shipping Weight: 8kgs

Product size: 35*20*18cm

Packing size: 40*35*20cm

Manufactured by: CFmoto OEM factory

Crankshaft number: 0800-041000-0001 / 0800-041000-0002

Overrunning Clutch side:


42mm / 21T

Clutch Carrier side:

Thread: 18mm

25mm / 24T

40mm / 21T


It may fits

2013    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

2014    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

2015    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

2016    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

2017    SSV    CF800    ZForce Z8-EX

2012    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2013    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2014    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2015    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2016    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2017    ATV    CF800-2    CForce 800 X8

2013    UTV    CF800-3    UForce U8

2014    UTV    CF800-3    UForce U8

2015    UTV    CF800-3    UForce U8

2016    UTV    CF800-3    UForce U8

2017    UTV    CF800-3    UForce U8

2016    ATV    CF800ATR    CForce 800 X8

2016    ATV    CF800ATR-2    CForce 800 X8

2017    ATV    CF800ATR-2    CForce 800 X8

2017    ATV    CF800AU-2A    CForce 800 X8

2018    ATV    CF800AU-2A    CForce 800 X8

2016    ATV    CF800AU-2B    CForce 800 X8

2017    ATV    CF800AU-2B    CForce 800 X8

2017    SSV    CF800UTR    ZForce Z8-EX

2017    UTV    CF800UTR-2    UForce U8

2014    UTV    CF800UU-A    UForce U8

2015    UTV    CF800UU-A    UForce U8

2016    UTV    CF800UU-A    UForce U8

2017    UTV    CF800UU-A    UForce U8


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Q1. How about the processing technology?

A: Crankshaft finishing will extensively use a CNC-controlled crankshaft grinder to finish the journal. The grinding machine will be equipped with the automatic dynamic balancing device of the grinding wheel, automatic tracking device of the center frame, automatic measurement, automatic compensation device, automatic dressing of the grinding wheel, constant line speed and other functional requirements to ensure the stability of the grinding quality. 

Q2. When will you delivery the products?

A:  We will instantly send it after we receive your payment.

Q3. Could you provide the parts as the sample provided?

A: Yes, we can provide the parts as you want.

Q4. Could i get a sample?
A: Yes, you will get it after the payment.

Q5. How can you guarantee the quality of your goods?

A: We have 100% test before delivery. We have 2 technicians to check the quality and quantity before we are shipping to customers or keep it in warehouse.

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